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Welcome to Virtual Air Algerie No Booking is needed any more to Fly on VIRDAH so just when you connect on IVAO Network with Air Algerie callsign and you File your Flight Plan without any action on the siteweb and our IPS System will detect your Flight and track it

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General VA stats
Number of pilots:177
Total flights flown:6 853
Total hours flown:11247:37
Total distance flown:3 946 640 NM
Stats generated at:28 Apr 2017 06:21:28z (1 sec ago)

Timetable stats
Number of flights:256
Total distance:197 197 NM
Total duration:559:30
Most used aircraft:Boeing 737-800 (B738), 96 flights
Top destination:DAAG (Algiers), 82 flights
Top departure:DAAG (Algiers), 107 flights

Top pilots
Top hours:889:23 (GHERNAOUTI El hafed)
Top flights:414 (GHERNAOUTI El hafed)
Top distance:375 388 NM (GHERNAOUTI El hafed)