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General VA stats
Number of pilots:240
Total flights flown:19 385
Total hours flown:33857:04
Total distance flown:13 518 818 NM
Stats generated at:15 Dec 2019 02:54:17z (1 sec ago)

Timetable stats
Number of flights:536
Total distance:419 582 NM
Total duration:1174:03
Most used aircraft:Boeing 737-8D6 (B738), 211 flights
Top destination:DAAG ( Houari Boumediene), 170 flights
Top departure:DAAG ( Houari Boumediene), 231 flights

Top pilots
Top hours:3053:24 (GHERNAOUTI El hafed)
Top flights:1 362 (MEGHAZI ABDELHAMID)
Top distance:1 349 826 NM (GHERNAOUTI El hafed)

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